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Best external CMS to use with Webflow?

Good day everyone.

I use Webflow as my main platform for designing and developing websites for clients. If anything needs to be added with custom code later on, I do that separately.

However, I’m still not sure which is the simplest to use and overall best CMS to use with Webflow. Most clients I’ve worked with often want to make changes to some text/images in their site in the future, or perhaps they want a blog they can constantly update, but many of my clients think Webflow’s prices are too high for CMS. I have tried explaining to them the benefits of using Webflow, but often times they don’t get convinced.

With all that said, which is the best CMS I can use to simply export my design from Webflow and import onto the CMS without any loss in HTML/CSS/JS? And from there on the client can just log in and make changes to text/images. I would also prefer a CMS that can add blog posts.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @Desiign,

I understand the problem you are faced with. Webflow is quite pricy, especially if you´re want using the cms. I think most here would say WordPress, but I´m not a big fan for serval reasons.

I would maybe give Craft CMS a try.

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Thanks @Maurice! I’ll check it out.

I would be inclined to use WordPress as well, but it seems the conversion from Webflow code to a WordPress template is very tedious, and may not perfectly mirror the design from Webflow, which is why I’m not really considering WordPress as my first option.

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Yeah, before webflow I worked with wordpress and in my opinion its a mess :sweat_smile:
Maybe you could also take Grav CMS in consideration.

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I’ll look into that too, thanks!

In the meantime, any more suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:

Processwire is a CMF. If you understand PHP, then it is trivial to migrate a webflow design to this CMS that has no limits. Found it, never looked back. When custom sites need more features than webflow, this is it. JMHO

With hosting prices remember this. Every lead/customer is worth money to the client, and there are costs to acquire them. If your client does not know what the value of a typical client is worth to their business, then RUN. Hosting costs are nothing compared to the costs of client acquisition. BTW, you can’t replicate webflow hosting and all its features for less than they charge. Slow sites kill conversions. Compromised sites kill brands.