Being signed back in automatically after signing out from account?

Hey all,

This appears to be a workspace issue an not a site issue, so I won’t share a read-only link.

I am experiencing an issue where I can’t sign out of my account fully. I have two accounts: one personal, one for my startup. I transferred a site from my personal to my startup, and realized I’d lose Logic beta access and transferred it back. I then experienced an issue where I went to sign out of my startup’s account to log into my other account. I am in my startup account and when I go to sign out, I am just automatically signed back in. I can’t log in to my personal account…

Anyone know what’s up?

Thank you,

I recommend that you open a trouble ticket with the Webflow support team.

Visit Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University for more information.

Hey Andy. Did you get any response from Webflow? Recently, I have been experiencing a recurring issue where I am unable to log out from my current account in order to switch to another. This has become quite annoying. Thanks and have a good day Nav

Hey NAV, you could clear your cache & cookies.

Ideally you’d have a single login connected to both workspaces.

If there’s a reason you want to keep those logins separate, and support doesn’t have a simple fix yet, you could just setup a second Chrome profile using a different email. They’ll track everything separately, including your login cookies.


I just had the same issue.
I solved my problem by signing out of the associated google account that was automatically signing me back in and sign into the google account for the 2nd associated webflow account you’re trying to sign into.