Becoming a webflow template designer

Hi there! I have a full time day job as a UI UX designer and I’ve been using Webflow to build my own site. While doing it I grew to love building websites on webflow. It’s fun and I have full control of customisation.

So I was wondering if it’s feasible to start a side hustle designing webflow templates and sell them on the marketplace? Correct me if I’m wrong, in the long run I foresee the need to at least purchase a core workspace plan to build more sites. If I don’t purchase a site plan, just having 10 sites wouldn’t be enough if I’m building one monthly.

Are most webflow designers in the community designing bespoke websites for clients full time? Just wondering if there are any folks who’s just selling templates in the marketplace.

Thanks and hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Hi Huiling,

I am currently setting up my processes to become a full-time Template designer and I do know that there are many people who are currently working full-time as template designers. However, as the market does get more saturated I will be curious to see if the demand remains equally as high or consistent.

I found this guy Nicolai Bain (I think is the correct spelling), on YouTube who talks a lot about designing templates in Webflow so you should check out his channel if you are still interested.

I would say just search “Nicolai Bain Webflow Template” in YouTube and you should find him.

Happy Designing :slight_smile: