Template Designer Application Process Questions

Hi Webflow Community!

I am looking to apply to be a template designer in the coming months and have some questions regarding the development of templates. I contacted support but they have not answered any of the questions.

  1. I am creating a blog template and wanted to know what I do about adding search functionality. Is there some type of protocol? Can I just design the search module but just have it not be functional?

  2. What is the correct way to create license pages? Most designers list out the sources and its license, plus some graphics/images. Then there are others that list out the sources and then each specific image/icon linking to where they specifically got them. Which is correct, or is either okay?

  3. Do the three read-only links when you submit your application have to be different types of templates completely, or can they say, for example, be all one-pagers but different categories?

  4. Do image file names have to be named in a specific way?

  5. Some designers use just PX, and then some use a combination. Does it matter?

  6. What is the process for acceptance and denial of applications? How many times can you reapply?

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer the questions.