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Becoming a webflow expert without projects on your site


I’m trying to become a Webflow expert because I’ve been using it for over 2 years and the last year I have built around 9 client projects. So I’m really fluent in Webflow.

BUT, here’s the but… All my clients want to host the website on their own account so when I want to become and expert and have to submit websites as proof… I can’t because they aren’t in my account anymore…

What now?

You can duplicate the website before hand over and remove anything that’s too specif.
You would need to upgrade you plan to be able to have more projects obviously.
Does that help or have I missed the issue?

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That’s a workaround I haven’t thought off, it sure helps an some way. Thanks!

Cool, give us a little heart, doesn’t mean you love me or anything.

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Dear Community, How to get listed as webflow expert on webflow website ? I have applied for the program however do not get any response from the team. Please help here. Thanks, Ravi