Basic Landing Page with Waitlist


We are currently in beta and want a basic landing page that resembles Tesouro’s current site. We want a waitlist UX/ UI similar to what Tesouro has done here.

Are you aware of any Webflow templates or other off-the-shelf options? Any other guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

There’s not much to it.

Any template you like should work, and the spline should be easy to find and drop in one that you create or a free stock resource that you like.

The waitlist is similarly simple. I’d recommend you have to feed entries into either AirTable, or into a mailing list solution like MailChimp [ or both ]. Makes it easy to update them later.

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Thank you, Michael, we really appreciate your help!

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It’s a popular need recently, I’ve built two of these this month, one for a university and one for a wedding RSVP site. You’ll like how accessible the captured data is in Airtable.