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Learning while building a landing page

Good afternoon everyone,

Last weekend, I decided to create a landing page template to get familiar with Webflow. The design is from Themeptation (

Here’s the link to the website:

and here’s the cloneable link:

Feel free to use it has a starting point if you need to.

If you have some feedback on my project structure, don’t hesitate. I want to learn.

I’ve enjoy working on this awesome platform. Looking forward to make a couple more of these until I feel 100% comfortable with this tool.



Looks awsome! :slight_smile:

I love the colours, and the interactions are really simple and effective :smiley:
The only thing I would (personal opinion) change, is the top social media icons, next to the navbar, I would make them turn pink when hovered :stuck_out_tongue:

But an amazing website that is easy to understand and use as a starting point or even template :slight_smile:

Well done :smiley:

:webflow_heart: :webflow_heart: :webflow_heart:

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You have done a really nice job. I would agree with IggsTP on the social media icon part. I would also suggest it should change to Pink when ever hovered.


Nice looking website, though I’d say this is a single/one page website and not a landing page, which serves an objective (such as lead gen, increase sales, etc - usually a goal associated with marketing campaigns).

That said, this is a nice job and a really good starting basis!
Keep posting future projects in the forums :slight_smile:


5 Tips for Creating Better Converting Landing Pages
1- Include All Critical Elements of an Effective Landing Page.
2- Remove the Main Navigation.
3- Match the Headline of the Landing Page to its Corresponding CTA.
4- Remember: Less Is More.
5- Emphasize the Offer’s Value.