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I need a Webflow template that does this


I am keen to find a Webflow template that enables a visitor to the site to journey through the website, depending on the choices made.

So, for instance, although the viewer could choose to navigate the site normally, he could also choose to go on a ‘tour’. So for instance, depending on the choices made, different sections of a page may materialise or interactions could pull different ‘pages’ or divs into view.

I hope that kind of makes sense!

I’ve had a look but haven’t really come across any template or parts of a template that does this.

Have you come across anything like this before in a template?

Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks

This doesn’t sound like a normal use case and probably would require some additional development to achieve.

Do you happen to have an example of something you’ve found online that works this way? That may help others in the community point you in the direction of a solution.