Basic customer service type questions, which is the right account, ect?

After a bit of frustration attempting to find answers myself, or speak to a human sales representative from Webflow – I’m here, hoping for some community guidance.

The plans page is fairly clear but I need some clarification on certain things.

Here is the scenario: We’re a small wine service helping locals make batches of wine. We have around 350 options that people can order, and I like the idea of handling that through webflow. Additionally we have many winemaking retail items which would just be for reference (in-store purchase only).

So we have roughly 300-400 items which could be ‘purchased.’
Another 800-1000 items which could not be purchase on the website.

We will have relatively low volume of visitors on the site (service a small local region).
Each order would be over $100, so our annual sales through the system may exceed the $200,000 mark.

Which plan do I need? It seems the ecommerce plans are including all CMS items in one bundle, whether they could be purchased or not. In which case, our small business would need to pay for the top plan (and likely not viable). Or, can you have a separate ‘site plan’ like the $16/mo one with 2000 collection items, in addition to the $74/mo ecommerce with 1000 items?

We’re also not going to be processing thousands of small orders, so is there any way to negotiate on the annual sales limitation?

It’s all a bit confusing when you haven’t jumped in yet. I’m just hoping to learn if the costs will even be viable for us before spending too much more time.

Thank you so much in advance for any clarification!

P.S. Many of the ‘ecommerce’ options will not even be used by us. After a payment is received, I would intend to send the order to another system via webhook. No shipping or any of that – just payment processing.

P.P.S. If anyone know where I can ask these questions to a sales representative, please redirect me!