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What is the basic plan to get some e commerce store building?

hello everyone
I’ m new to this forum and even about webflow platform
I don’t understand the different plans to buy on webflow and their email support service is always busy to answer me anything precise.
I am about to buy the business plan to 16 dollars a month (but annually) =
is this plan enough to build some stores ?

I want to have the ability to use CMS for my future website creations freedom, but in the same time I would like to have some nice potential to build estore with the plan I will buy, is the business plan enough ?

Welcome to the community @netbloom! Webflow pricing can be a bit tricky to wrap your brain around so I’m happy to clarify things a bit.

I am about to buy the business plan to 16 dollars a month (but annually) = is this plan enough to build some stores ?

I’m not sure which plan your looking at, but the “Business” Site plan is $36/mo (when billed yearly). The only plan at that price range is the the CMS Site plan which is $16/mo (when billed yearly).

These prices are all per site—so each separate domain would need it’s own Site plan—but that specific plan doesn’t include any native ecommerce functionality. The cheapest ecommerce option available is $29/mo (when billed annually) but includes all the features from the CMS plan I mentioned above.

There are other platforms out there that will integrate with the CMS plan to allow you to create an ecommerce storefront (Foxy (paid) & Ecwid (free)—to name a couple) but those would be separate from your Webflow site and may require additional setup/usage off-site.

I’ve included a link to the Webflow Pricing page below that breaks things down in terms of Site plans (needed per site—split between “normal” sites and ecommerce) and Account plans (extra features within the Webflow platform—like more unpublished sites, more robust staging sites, code export, white labeling, etc) for reference:

Account plans are mainly for folks who build lots of sites on the platform and/or prefer to export their code to host externally however Site plans are always needed per project to publish with Webflow Hosting—regardless of whether or not you’re paying for an Account plan.

If you’ve got any follow up questions, don’t hesitate to reach out :+1:

thank you for the clarification
webflow is seductive at the first glance
allow me to let you know that the pricing is kind of confusing and I am not the only one to feel that way according to what I read online
but I guess you will do something about it
thanks anyway for the clarity of your answer

Of course, glad I could help!

I’m actually just another user like you so my understanding comes from 7+ years of using the service myself. I actually don’t find the pricing to be that confusing once you get a bigger picture of how they each relate to one another, but I agree that anyone coming in fresh is going to be overwhelmed.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions :webflow_heart: