Basic 301 redirect escape character question

I just read the 301 redirect documentation and have one question. The first example says:
Old Path “/old-url” → New path: “/entirely/new-url/structure”

But reading down to characters needing to be escaped with %, the old URL in the example does not escape the “-”. Should it not read “/old%-url” ?

(I have a long list of old “-” paths to redirect)

Hey Bill, welcome to the forum.

Yes the documentation is a bit ambiguous, however in my tests, both will work.

Webflow appears to differentiate between static path processing and wildcard path processing rules, probably to make it easier for people who just want basic redirects.

So this is valid;


But if you’re using wildcards, you have to escape that hyphen;


I’ve more notes here on this;

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You basically need to use % anytime you’re using a wildcard, but when you want to redirect one page to another, then you don’t need adding % before special characters :slight_smile: