301 Redirects Is this right

Hello. I’m new to 301 Redirect.

I already read the Webflow tutorial on
, but since it was insufficient for me to understand.

So I’m asking if i’m setting up the redirects correctly.

Please let me know if any of below is set wrong!

Old path :
/kor/m/sub1-2.jsp AND /kor/pc/sub1-2.jsp

Old path (Webflow Settings) :

New path :

Old path :

Old path (Webflow Settings) :

New path :

Below are links to my sites in case if you need more information.

Here is my site Read-Only:

[1]: (Current / To-be website) https://cvt2024.webflow.io/
[2]: (Previous website) CVT

Are they working? That’s the best way to tell :wink:
If they’re not you’ll need to experiment a bit particularly since you’re trying to do some querystring-specific things that aren’t well detailed in the docs.

Two things I notice;

  • hyphens - must also be escaped in your wildcard strings
  • your && construction in the querystring doesn’t make sense and I suspect most browsers would fix it before even trying to send it. you may want to also have a variation designed to match a single &
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Thank you so much!! I’ve been having trouble connecting domain for now (which is domain provider’s issue :sweat_smile:) but for sure experimenting would be the best practice!!

Also I almost forgot the hyphen issue Thanks for pointing out.

&& part was just like that in the to-be-replaced website which i feel suspicious as well but I will figure it out when the custom domain gets finally connected!

Note, I think you can also do this, which will match any querystring ( all params ).
In your case since you’re not utilizing them in the new path, that’s easier and more comprehensive.

I’m not confident about that first matching group since it’s in the middle of the string; If it’s not working, I’d try using static path parts there instead.

Old path (Webflow Settings) :

New path :