301 Redirect is not working

I am transitioning my blogs from /business-blog to /blogs root folders but when I set up redirect in Webflow like as per below - the system doesn’t redirect pages. What am I doing wrong?

/business-blog/(.*) >> /blogs/%1

Check the docs but I think the hyphen in business-blog needs to be escaped when you are using wildcards.

As Michael mentioned above, the - character will need to be escaped by adding a % character for it to work :raised_hands:

So you should enter it as /business%-blog/ rather than just /business-blog

Here is the relevant part of the Uni docs discussing this in more detail (including some examples): 301 Redirects - How to use escape characters | Webflow University

p.s. Remember to Republish your site and clear your cache/test it out via Incognito once you’ve made the change, as Redirects are often cached in your Browser :smiling_face: