Backup Preview Page Bug

Hey Webflow Team.

Thanks for putting back the backup preview button. But please note there is currently a bug with it where when you go into backup preview mode and try to navigate to another page other than home … this message pops up:

“You have been logged out. Please sign back in to continue.”

even when I’m signed in. Next, when I close the popup the page reloads and stays on homepage.

Please take a look.

Thanks a bunch.



Thanks for the heads up Diana! We’re looking into this issue.

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Perfect! @callmevlad

@DesignerDiana Can you give it a shot now? Should be working again :smile:

@callmevlad It works now … slower, but it works.

Didn’t really needed to use it but thought it was important for you guys to know.

Thanks for the quick fix.



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