Can't preview backup II

As the title says, the backup preview never loads, this has been happening consistently for a while now as mentioned on the post below

Strange, mine works. Can you be more specific beyond ‘can’t’? That will help the WF guys. Include browser and OS platform as well.

Mac OSX Yosemite with both Chrome and Safari

You still need to describe exactly what happens. Saying ‘it doesn’t work’ doesn’t mean anything. Step-by-step details for any problem are required. Even a recording of the problem goes a long way too.

I explained it in the linked thread. This is the recording:

Ah, didn’t both reading the other thread. Best to put that info in this one any ways to save the WF guys from running around.

Ok, so have you tried Chrome in Incognito mode? Would be interesting to see how that plays out.

I get the same in incognito

At this point, you need to email the WebFlow team for support. I think it’s

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