Backing up a single page OR restoring a single page

I recognize that I can create a backup and name them. Woo HOO!

But sometimes I’m messing with CSS or other elements of a single page (call it the “now” page) and end up breaking OTHER pages which might number in the dozens. I haven’t been messing with at all with the “OTHER” pages, just the “now” page.

I would like save the changes I’ve made in the “now” page (the recent modifications with CSS and elements and whatever in the “now” page) but restore all the OTHER pages…

and THEN…

paste the "now page into the OTHER pages

Is there a way in Webflow, a procedure? a strategy to avoid the issue?

Hi @David_Richardson, working that way from a backup may not be best process. I’d rather spend the extra minute to create a unique class i.e. “Section Container” and “New Section Container”

There isn’t a way to restore specific pages, but if I recall correctly you can view a backup and then copy elements from it.

Note that as @dennyhartanto pointed out, if you’ve changed your styles and that is the cause of the ‘break’, then restoring won’t really solve that. You will either still have the broken classes or you’ll be creating duplicate classes. Either way, you’ll have a mess.

@dennyhartanto I am starting to think that regardless of the potential risks to breaking page code, that I will establish my classes for a page with a prefix for that page. The layout of ONE page is going to be different from almost all other pages. I will have five or six page structures or frameworks. I’ll have one page for an accordion presentation and another for the carousel presentation and yet another for forms. Each accordion page would present data from a different database but the page STRUCTURE would be the same. Hopefully I can keep all this better organized.

What we might hope in the no-code environment (Webflow makes CSS easier) it good at all things. But we give up things in the process.