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Background Video doesn't always load/ play


We are in the beginning phases of this website project, based on Hollagraphica’s Luna Flora template.

The background video is set to loop on our home page, doesn’t load/play if you navigate to the home page from a different page. Why would this be?

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Here is my site Read-Only:

Please share a published URL where this is occurring so we can see it.

Hi, this is my read-only link. We haven’t published the site yet.

I can’t debug the designer so no way to help you. Normally we would want to see what is wrong published. Are you aware you can publish then unpublish to the domain?

I was able to see the video even after visiting other pages. Might be your connection?

Thanks for the advice!

We’ve published to Would you have access to edit the website directly with that URL?

God no. Published sites are not editable. They can only be modified in the designer or editor and then published again.

Phew - Can’t hurt to check!

Thanks so much.

So is there a problem on the published site? I don’t see one.

Wow seems to have gone away, along with our navbar issues! Thank you.

How can that be?

Hello everyone

I’m experiencing the same problem over here. I used the background video widget to play a video on the homepage, but whenever I leave the homepage and go back, the video just displays a white screen. Anybody that can help me fix this problem? Thanks in advance

Read only-link: Webflow - KFC aarsele

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Thanks for your answer!

It’s weird it doesn’t load on my devices, but on others it does.
Hopefully it keeps working in the future.

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