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Background video auto-play (mobile)

I have tried to figure out how to make my background video auto-play on the phone as it does on the desktop. I have found numerous threads about this issue but I think I need direct guidance because I just can’t seem to figure it out. Unfortunately, I have no experience coding, or how or where to apply any code. Hoping that some kind soul could help me sort this out.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Here is my site Read-Only: FIXED LINK

Please, anyone? Deadline’s on Monday :grimacing:

Hi @RobinFievel, did you manage to make some changes?

I checked on the site on mobile and the background video autoplay for me ok on iPhone.

It may help to share your site published link such as the Webflow staging site url where the video is published and also share what kind of phone you have where the bg video does not autoplay on mobile.

Thanks in advance

Thanks, Dave, appreciate it. I did some more research on the topic yesterday and from what I understood, it is related to an iOS setting to preserve battery and therefore sometimes out of our control. I tried changing the setting on my phone and sure enough, it did. The bad part is that I believe most users have that setting switched on by default.

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