Div / Image Background / Constraint height

Hello to all,

I am designer and what to build my first project. I have a section header which has to stretch 100 % VW and be constraint to a max height size. I did set a background image and selected “custom” and then set : 100 VW and 350px in height.
The problem is that the image is cut wether on top on bottom the setting of the position.

Here is a little vid to illustrate or find below the public link.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - OPCOMMERCE RA 2020

Hey @Dajm_Arnaud , you chose VW width and cover for your image. So if the screen is big, the image has to stretch all the way across and since it is set to cover, instead of stretching, it would enlarge itself to fill in the dimensions you specified.

In order to maintain the curve on large displays, I would recommend looking into SVGs maybe?