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Background/Section Colours not updating

Hi all -
On a couple of my pages, there are areas where the background colour appears to be overridden (instead of the soft cream, it’s just stark white). I’ve gone through and found what I think the section is that the background is showing white, and changed it to a bright orange, then published to see if I was right. It appears in the editor to be the exact same areas. However, it’s not updating, and I’ve tried a different browser to see if it’s the cache. Anyhow, I’ve been banging my head and I’m sure it’s a small dumb thing – any help would be appreciated!

Howdy @anuncommonname Welcome to the forum! :wave:

I had a look at your project and wasn’t seeing anything that looked out of place. Do you have any specifics on which page or elements are giving you the issue?

Also, a screenshot would be great. Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here’s the example on the homepage - it looks fine when I view it in the Designer, but when I preview ( there it is.

Hey @anuncommonname,

It looks like this is being caused by an interaction on your site. Take a look at the Fade Page In animation that is being triggered by your first page load trigger.

The background colour of your Page Content div is being set to White instead of the White Smoke colour.

Hope that helps! Great site by the way!