Background colour in navbar won't change

Hi guys,

I’m completely new to webflow and this is the first time I’m creating a website.

Could someone please help with the issues I’m having with my Navbar? I can’t seem to change the background colour - only the container is picking up the colour I want - how do I get the empty spaces on the left and right to be the same as the container?

Please help! Thanks!

@magicalcheese Welcome to the Webflow Community. Would you kindly post a read-only link to your project by following this guide Share a read-only link | Webflow University. That way you can receive help faster.

This is the way to change the color of background.

Select the element.
Go to the Settings Panel (D)
Choose Get Background Color From option.
Select the color field from the field dropdown

If there is again any problem then kindly reply me on Gmail (
Thank you.

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