Back-end for webflow


I wanted to build a web app based on Webflow, but I needed the following:

  • Authentification;
  • Some back-end logic for interactions and orders;
  • Integrations with payments, emails, etc.

It would be a marketplace app for beauty services.

I am not a back-end developer, neither a front-end one. It would be great to use the same webflow-like “visual development” tool for my back-end purposes. Do you know such services which could be integrated with Webflow?

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@Pavel_Ershov welcome to the forum! I haven’t used them myself but memberspace and memberstack are used by others with webflow

Definitely…check out the handful of services I use to make all of what you asked for work.

MemberStack gates content very well: How do I create gated content, with login, to Webflow?

I’m a heavy Integromat user for the Backend. It glues everything together and gives me backend logic: Simple Webflow form submissions with Integromat

Again MemberStack. Here’s how I use only Webflow + MemberStack to create a paid video course site: Simple course site with only Webflow & MemberStacks frontend API

I spend $9/month for a great service, Campaign Monitor, that sends transactional emails, allows for subscribers, campaigns, automated journey’s, etc… I walk through a setup with Webflow + Integromat + Campaign Monitor here: How do you send an email to the person who submitted a Webflow form?

Definitely… Check out the few services I employ to make what you requested function.