Webflow is SUPER SLOW it's killing me

I love love love Webflow, but it’s been so slow I’m on the edge of going back to Wordpress. There’s got to be a way to speed this up. OR, let’s be able to download it so we can work offline. I’m trying to hold off here people, but I can’t wait 10 to 20 seconds every time I click something. It’s killing me and even worse, killing my clients.

Thanks Team.

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That’s really strange as I use it every day here in the UK and have had zero lag issues. Is it only Webflow or other sites?

Yeah only seems to be Webflow, my other internet connections are working fine. The past couple days it’s gotten worse, where I can’t continue to work.

I’m seeing this as well. In the last few days the designer has been so slow for me in various projects.

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