Avoid the "webflow. incredible responsive template" message when i share the link

Hey my name is Lissette and I have a question, when I share the link of a web site apears "webflow. incredible responsive template, what can I do to avid this message attachted in the link???

When you share a link, the title, descriptions and image that can appear are called Open Graph data. It’s a protocol invented and open sourced by Facebook.

To change the title, description and to add an OG image to your site, do those 2 steps:

  1. at page level in Webflow, fill the SEO titles, description, then the Open Graph title, desc and image data

  1. go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ , enter the URL of your site and click on Debug, then maybe Scrape Again, so that the Open Graph data are refreshed on Facebook’s Open Graph server (if you don’t they should be refreshed after a few days or so…)
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Thank you, it was very helpful ¡

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