Avoid multiple e-mail subscribers?

Does anyone know a way to prevent duplicate form submissions with the same e-mail? We don’t want to get a list of duplicate e-mails on Webflow forms but I didn’t find any type of e-mail validation on it.

Thank you!


@Renan_M_falo I’m not sure what your goal with the forms is? Would you use them for newsletter sign-ups or a contact type form? If you’re using them for newsletter sign-ups, I’d look at using forms provided by an email newsletter service like convertkit. They’ve got all this stuff built-in.

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Hello @sarahfrison - Yes, it’s just a newsletter signup. If I can’t do anything natively on Webflow I’ll definitely try Mailchimp or Convertkit. Thank you!

If you connect your form to Mailchimp, they will automatically scan for duplicates to make sure each email address only appears once but only if they are inside a single master audience within your Mailchimp account.

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@Renan_M_falo no, for a newsletter form I’d go with convertkit or mailerlite for a free option. I dislike mailchimp but that’s more of a personal thing.

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