Signup form: tell users directly that they've already signed up

I’m using a Mailchimp signup form integration (embed form) which I linked up to a Webflow form.

We’re giving out coupons for a free product which are automatically sent to their inbox via a Mailchimp + integration. Problem is that we’re just sending one coupon per email adress, even if they try to enter their adress multiple times. This is controlled by Couponcarrier which prevents multiple coupons per email adress.

I can’t figure out a way to detect that their adress is already registered, directly at the signup stage. It would be perfect to be able to show a message that says their email is already registered and that they therefore won’t get another code in their inbox.

Right now the form submission just pushes in an email data update (via action URL in Webflow) at the customers already existing profile in Mailchimp. Customer then waits for a code that’s never going to come.


You may need to create a membership type website to have people login. There is no way for the website to detect if they have already signed up without a membership integration.

If you can wait, Webflow is creating its own membership integration.

If you need it now, you can look into integrating something like Memberstack.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Like @PixelGeek suggested, you’ll need to create a membership portal. For any ecommerce business. It’s important to retain user details for further marketing efforts. The approach you’re using with MailChimp and works for one-off customers and maybe a store with few products.

With Memberstack, you could allow them to log in and see which coupons and discounts they have applied to their account.

You could have various offers and discounts for one-time or recurring customers. This helps you reward loyal customers, increasing the chance for more sales.

This isn’t difficult to do using Memberstack, here is a free tutorial: