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Subscribe to Newsletter option during checkout

I’m looking at adding a check box newsletter sign up / opt-in form item during the checkout process.

If possible I would like to POST it directly to my Mailchimp list, however failing this a CMS in Webflow I could merge later.

Any help would be great!

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Came here for recommendations on my site as well. Best of luck!

Yeah I second this! I can’t seem to find anything of that nature. @WebflowCommunityTeam any updates on this issue?

Did anyone find a solution for this? I’m interested in doing the same :slight_smile:

I did! I added a stand-alone form entry for the email in the checkout page. I then used a very simple bit of JavaScript to duplicate the email address from the customers contact detail element and use it to prefill the email sign up form.

This could be further styled to work as a check box or a button element.

Great job Liam. Any chance you could share a with us how you did it with specifics?!

So what I did was add the following code within my order confirmation page:

var customerEmail;
customerEmail = document.getElementById("Customer-Email").innerHTML;
document.getElementById('EMAIL-3').value = customerEmail;

This takes the customer email from their contact details (that’s the element with the ID “Customer-Email”, but check your own html) and then inserts it in to a newsletter subscription form (I used the Webflow component to do this, its ID was “EMAIL-3”.

Hope this helps!

Hi Liam! Thanks for shareing your script. I tried to use it but without positive results.
I put the form in the checkout page and hide it (beacuse i don’t want to show it to my customers).
I also tried to put the form in the order confirmation page - There is a difference on which page the form is? (The form itself is working with Mailchimp)
I thought that maybe there is a mistake in the code ‘EMAIL-3’ instead of “EMAIL-3”

Can you help me?

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Have you got a link or code snippet of how you’ve implemented it?

Hiding the form won’t work as the customer needs to submit the form for it to work (signing them up for a newsletter without their consent is also questionable).

The ‘EMAIL-3’ is the ID of the form I’ve set up in webflow (it’s the 3rd form instance I’ve created to sign up to a newsletter). Change this to match you own form ID. The js use this to insert the email address from the customer info.

Hmm, I need to connect data from checkout form (email and name) to my Mailchimp audience.
I’ve added a checkbox (with agreement to signup for a newsletter), but I don’t want to add the additional form to put the email and name again (in that way consumer has to fill out their mail and name twice). As I know the only way to connect Mailchimp with webflow is through Form (there is no way to connect through Checkout Form), so I thought that your script somehow connect those fields.

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Hi Dorota, Any luck with that?