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CMS editor behavior (could be classified as bug or issue)

  1. write a post in the designers’ Editor, a long post, with a lot of links, elements… spe,d some time on it.
  2. launch the site in another tab to check some things on another posts of the blog
  3. in the Editor tab, be prompted by a popup telling you something about multiple instances of the editor
  4. click on the Got it button because you don’t really have the choice
  5. lose all your work

That would be cool to never be able to lose anything. The best solution could be that every bit of info entered is saved as a draft, like Gmail does, on top of the system never closing a form where you’ve entered data.

In general, I don’t get why we, designers, can’t just use the same editor than our clients. Why we need to access the editor from the designer.

Thanks for listening! I really hope you do on this issue, I have lost my articles 3 times already, on about 25 articles written… oops.