Autoprefixer implementation for CSS Grid

Hey Webflowers,

does anyone know if is possible to implement Autoprefixer to Webflow?

It could solve the problem with CSS Grid compatibility on IE browser.

Really appreciate help on this!


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Take a look at the CSS. You will see that vendor prefixes exist; the result of autoprefixer running. It is not a panacea for layout choice you make. In those cases where you need to help IE along, you can add custom CSS.

I thought that problem with IE CSS Grid is because of bad prefixes.

grid-template-columns | -ms-grid-columns
grid-template-rows | -ms-grid-rows

So autoprefixer is running on Webflow already? But my grid is completely broken on IE. All grid items are stacked on fist grid item spot.

A reason why developers continue to be in demand. If you choose to offer support for IE using CSS that is not supported by that browser, you have to roll up your sleeves and write some code. I would add that some layout issues also exist with IE and flexbox.

This is a good example:

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Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your answer :heart: