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Browser Support: Columns vs Flexbox vs Grid

Hello everyone!

I noticed that flexbox is not currently working with IE.
What about Grid and Columns Widget ?

What’s the best choice in terms of compromise between flexibility and good code practice vs browser support?

If I want 100% working website I can only use comuns widget. Is that right?
When use what?


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flexbox in “practice” works on IE. And also webflow add vendor-prefix. IE 6-9 not supported flexbox (The vendors solve most problems). Anyway less than < 0.5% use this browsers.

In other words - Use columns and flexbox anytime you want :slight_smile:


About grid - less support VS flexbox (Newer feature). Anyway again the same idea of vendors. For regular/simple columns (blog list and aside with menu) its better to use columns (Flexbox).


Support for old browsers — is it necessary?

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Thanks @Siton_Systems. How can I fix things like that with IE10? In this case is better use Columns instead of Flexbox?

columns also use flexbox (But by webflow build-in widget). Add url of your bug/problem.

Not read only. Live url + screenshot of the bug. + ie version. Thanks

Here you go @Siton_Systems



What IE Version? …ok i will take a look later

@Siton_Systems IE 10

Try to set the max-width to 100%