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Automatically resize text in order to stay within a container

I can not figure out how to make Paragraph text, rich text, etc. maintain itself within a given container.
On the staff page I need the paragraph to remain within the wrapper (or column) without cutting off the words. It needs to be able to properly resize the text in order to do this. The picture knows to resize without being told.

Can you explain your issue better? Where do you see the words being cut off?

when in preview as you resize the viewing area the words start to get cut off (on the staff page) rather than simply shrink to maintain the whole paragraph.

Do you mean the paragraphs are getting below their blocks’ border on a mobile landscape breakpoint? They do it because you limited your blocks’ height, text has nowhere to go but spill out of it.

That is what I mean. But I thought it would adjust the text size to fit, like the pictures.

No, text doesn’t work like that.

interesting. can i resize text at different breakpoints?

Sure, you can set text size on each breakpoint separately.

great, i’ll just do that.