Changing body text width without making images smaller

Hi I want to make the text width on my desktop article page smaller (so it’s a smaller column, and easier to read) but I don’t want to make my images smaller. At the moment the only way I have found to make an article interspersed with images is to do it all the main text, and you can only change with width for both, not individually for text and image.

Is there a solution?

you can put a series of paragraphs in a container, give them a class and add width or padding to the paragrah elements, it won’t affect the images in between.

If you’re in a RT element, then give a class to it, click outside, click again inside but to select a paragraph, click on the zone where we type class names, unfold and select All Paragraph, then just under, check the "Limit to ‘your RT class’.

Then add padding to the right, it will only affect paragraphs.

Thanks for the quick reply! Is this the case however if the text/images are being pulled from the CMS

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