Make Paragraph grow & shrink according to parent div


I am trying to make a paragraph that sits in a div, responsive so that the font size and line height grows and shrinks when someone resizes the browser. I know I can set 4 different font sizes and line heights for desktop, mobile, tablet but since there is a picture next to the paragraph, I want the p size always to fill up the entire height of the parent div which is set to the same size as the picture next to it.

See image below:

Right now there is only one very specific browser size so that the text lines up perfectly with the bottom and top of the image next to the paragraph. Are there any settings so that the text will always reach the top and bottom of the parent div (and therefore line up with top and bottom of image next to it)?

Let me know if what I am asking makes sense or if I need to reword :slight_smile: Thank you!!

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Use VW units on font size to do this. you’ll have to play around to get the right size but you can use decimals as well.