Automatically creating links between blog posts based on

Let’s say I have 2 different CMS collections: “Types of Instruments”, and “Brands of Instruments”.

In the “Types of Instruments” collection I have a field called “Common Brands”… is there a way to automatically make those common brand names link to their respective page in the “Brands of Instruments” collection?

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Hi @DonJohnson

Yes, totally possible to do this. You just need to create a new Single-Reference field within your CMS Collection and link it to the other CMS Collection.

Below example, 2 CMS Collections (Projects and Clients). I created a new Single-Reference field (called Client-Ref) within the Projects collection and assigned it to the Clients collection.

When you then design your CMS layout on the Projects page, it will allow you to select which field you want to bind that field to from the Clients collection.

Hope this helps.