Automatically archive CMS items by date

Hi there,

I am currently building an event site for a client and would like that events which are over automatically disappear (archived in the CMS Collection). So far I have only found two options:

  1. Jetboost offers this exact feature as a booster, but that costs $108 per year. I don’t really want to charge my client for that;)

  2. of course I can filter the event collection in Webflow itself. But this only results in hiding the events and not really archiving them. With the many events, the collection in the customer’s editor is then just unclear.

Is there any way to use custom code or a third-party integration (Zapier/integromat) to enable automatic archiving for free?

I’m running into this issue as well. Did you ever come up with a solution outside of the jetboost method?

I’m also searching for this same solution for auto archiving events on my client’s website.

Same here. And also: Would be great to hide archived events when working on the site. I wish webflow staff took a look.

Hi guys, I have recently found a free solution with Make (formerly Integromat). The free plan should be enough for this.

  1. I suppose you already have this, but first thing you need is to have your event DATE as a field in your Events CMS.

  2. Set up Make scenario which runs once a day. The flow goes this way - Launch every day → Get Item List → Filter: Non archived items AND items whose date is over → Update Item (Archive those that passed the filter).



Update Item modul:

Let me know if it works for you.