Automated Recent Google Reviews

I’m looking for a way for google reviews to automatically get added to client websites without the need for me or my client to have to go in and embed or add them manually. I found this nifty article that seems like it would be the solution I need, but when experimenting with copying the custom code it tells me to copy and paste, nothing shows up on my site (yes even after publishing and viewing the live site).

For now, all I want to do is get it to show up, so I’m not replacing any Google Place IDs or anything like that, so that should not be the cause of why it’s not working.

Anyone who understands code a little better got any input as to why it wouldn’t show up when I paste the code into an embed in Webflow?

Here’s a link to the article I’m referencing:

Most likely API limit. See article footnote. You are expected to use your own.

Thanks @samliew for the quick response. I see what you are talking about. I went through all the steps to create my own API Key (and activate it), I replaced theirs with my own as instructed and sadly I’m still coming up with a blank box when viewing the site.

Here’s a link to my webflow test site:

And here’s the live site:

Thanks for your help!

Check console for next two hints

Seems like you only need to include the external script once.

You might also need to add your webflow site to the API key.

Thanks again for your help @samliew.

I’m double checking everything, and it doesn’t seem like I have the external script more than once, if it is, I’m not sure I see it.

Secondly, I did activate my API Key, but I didn’t put any restrictions on it, so shouldn’t it just work with any site that tries to call it until I put a restriction on it?

If it’s in a collection list, and there are more than one item, then the script will be loaded once per item.

Seems like there are three of them.

Scripts should be placed in page footer.

AHHHHH! Man, I totally forgot in my testing i added the code in a few different places and then never went back to remove them. Got it working!!! Thank you so much @samliew you’re a lifesaver!