Auto-generated CMS Collection Pages that seamlessly link to main website frontend

Hello awesome Webflow community!! :star_struck:

TLDR:// I need to create sharable links to my website that show all static pages except the “pricing page” which will be a series of auto-generated CMS Collection pages, created by different “Partners” so I can sell my products at their prices.

I’m creating a “partner program” for my in-person fitness business who’s primary product is group fitness classes.

I’ve experimented with Airtable and Google Sheets for the backend along with Zapier but have recently discovered which I will use for some backend stuff along with Zapier and QR Code Tiger. Bubble is fantastic BTW!!

Anyway, my standard site includes various pages (normal website) along with a “Pricing” page which includes various products’ prices.

My partner program will give a discount to outside “partners” who can then sell my products at any price they want (all of which will be setup in the web app. Once they set their prices in Bubble, I’ll use Zapier to create a new partner in the “Partners” CMS Collection Item in Webflow, the collection item’s page will have all the prices as set by the new partner.

During this process, a unique QR code and slug will be created which the partner can use to share with his/her network of clients who can then buy my products at the partners prices.

Here’s the issue:

I need for the partners QR code/link to link to my website’s landing page and not link directly to the partners pricing page, but when and if they do click on the “Pricing” page, then it will go through to the partners pricing and not the websites default pricing. This is so that the potential customer can check out the product along with any information that will enlighten the customer and increase conversions.

How do I do this?

I thought perhaps it could be done with “webhooks” but I don’t know enough about webhooks to answer that question for myself.

Maybe there is some other way of doing it.

Perhaps I should post this in the Zapper community as well. :thinking:

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