Linking 1 CMS to another CMS

I am super lost…
I can’t seem to understand how I can get a user from one CMS page specific for them, to a different CMS page specific for them via the built-in linking tools?

Basically, the site has a dashboard where the user sees their custom dynamic numbers specifically for them.

And another button they can click to head over to the pricing page.
The pricing page also shows the balance they have, so it also uses dynamic data specific for that user.

However, in order to show this they both need to be CMS sites.

And I cant seem to figure out how to Link the CMS sites to redirect to eachother?

ideas…? Is this…just not possible? It seems like such a simple thing?

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Hey Zach,

Webflow is not an app development platform, and you’ll really struggle with things like trying to use the CMS to store user-specific data.

It’s possible with a lot of programming, automation, and security risks, but it’s like making a car float. It’s possible, but it’s not practical… and just not what it was designed for. I hope you can swim.

If you want to use a Webflow hosted site for this, your best bet is probably to use Wized for the dashboard build, and something like Xano or Firestore for the user-specific data storage.

Alternatively, Memberstack has some great dashboard demos, but again, user-specific CMS data is a barrier and comes with risks. The CMS is not a general purpose database.