How to Pass User ID or Email Into A Form on Memberships

I have an ecommerce membership site. Webflow is very limited as far as what data can be collected from the user, so I had to insert another table to collect more info. This extra data will be stored in Airtable. When the user logs in they are directed to their user profile where they can edit their info that webflow holds. Their email address is populated with the native webflow functionality. I want to pass this email into an additional form so that I can know where the extra data is coming from once it gets into webflow, but I can’t figure it out. Please see that attached screenshot for a sample of what I’m trying to do. The email is automatically populated in the element with ID “wf-user-account-email” and I tried to write some code that just passes what is in that element into the bottom form but it didn’t work.

Yea, it’s a bummer. They don’t make that easy.

You can jump through a bunch of hoops and wire something together yourself. Totally doable. You can also use a library from community member @memetican to make that easier.

Either way, it’s a hack that has loads of issues limited by Webflow.

If you need it, here’s the SA5 user info lib.
I’ve recently added access groups and conditional visibility.

For binding email to a form field, you can use a the nocode attributes-based approach, and this specific use case is demonstrated in the cloneable.

As a new user of Webflow to build quick project. This is by far the most annoying limitation I’ve encountered just today.