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Backend Developer needed for my webflow site

Hi Everyone, I’m working on a new site in webflow. It’s my first time using webflow and I really like the functionality.

I’d like to hear any suggestions for workflow / ideas for integrating a database and functionality to my site.

I recently posted a job on upwork seeking a backend developer but now after learning more about webflow’s features, (CMS, Collections, Dynamic Lists, etc., I’m not sure if I need to revise the job or just find a developer that is knowledgable about integrating certain functions into my site hosted by webflow. (It would be great to keep it here…)

LOOK AT PINPIC.COM to get an example of a similar site to what we are going for…
(User needs to be able to input info for service they are looking for and be taken to a city and service specific results page with profiles.)

Here’s the post and please let me know your thoughts / questions. (Sorry in advance for the long post…)

The project is for an on demand photo and video services website with a social network / messaging component.

Check out to see something very similar that we are trying to accomplish.

Website is being designed on Webflow (twitter bootstrap) and we would like to continue to host it there and use their CMS. We can handle the design but need help with the backend integration.

(this can be separate from webflow if needed) Twilio integration needed for sending a sms after the user submits a contact form/ pays for the service. Mass SMS messages need to be sent instantly to providers in the customer’s area.

Database integration for dynamically loading the user profiles, various data, pricing, location, various photographers, and an admin dashboard. I’m open to suggestions on which db to use and if it should be hosted on an external server.

**Can I use collections in webflow / or somehow access collection images in conjunction with an outside database?

Social network integration with multiple profiles (just a few to start) but needs to scale to hundreds, thousands of photographers. Users will also have accounts, passwords, profiles, shoot info, etc.

Account Login / Setup / Email authentication.

Payment integration with Stripe or similar provider / contact info saved in db and emailed to the client.

Admin Dashboard integration (we will design dashboard) - need to load data into a variety of fields and a calendar (similar to google calendar - or we could possibly integrate google calendar into the site) Photographers will be able to view only their events in the calendar and admin can view all of them / sort by location / day, etc.
payment history by client and received by photographer. searchable payment histories by date range / location etc.

as well as searchable user and photographer profiles / reviews / auto calculate payment for shoots based upon a percentage of the sale / associate that with the photographer, buttons for completing the shoot.

photo galleries too. i’ve seen you can integrate webflow with imgur, use lightboxes, etc…

Would like to start this project within a month.

I’m here if you have questions. Thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Are you still looking for help with this project? I have quite some experience integrating Webflow-made websites into custom-built CMS solutions (using Node/MeteorJS). If you’re still looking for a developer with experience with Webflow, let me know. :slight_smile:

Regarding your question about using collections in conjunction with outside databases, this is unfortunately not possible because Webflow does not yet provide an API for applications to communicate with their CMS. However the Webflow founders have mentioned this is a high-priority on their list.

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