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Handing over webflow site to developer to engineer the backend

Hi everyone!

I have been developing my site on webflow for the past few months and believe I now need a developer to pull it all together. I have created the landing page and designed each of the pages that I want to include in my final site. I have effectively prototyped the entire website, and structured how it will fit together.

The site will have relatively simple functionality. It’s basically an online booking tool. Users enter information into the site, and based on what they enter, the website will calculate a price. The user can then book a service. There will be two profiles, users booking jobs, and workers accepting jobs. Workers will simply sign in, and accept jobs - there will be no ‘profile’ creation or anything complicated like that.

My question is: is it a simple process to hand off my webflow site for a developer to pull it all together and code the backend? From my perspective, the coding task would appear relatively basic, given I have designed the look, feel and structure of the website.

Any suggestions in this regard would be helpful. Also if anyone has had experience handing their webflow website for a developer to code the backend, would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!!


I sent you a private message.


Webflow produces nearly-valid W3C HTML code, making it perfectly suitable for a developer to work with.

We’ve done numerous projects integrating Webflow into custom-built CMS solutions. Take a look at, its HTML & CSS is created and maintained entirely in Webflow. For every new change we make an export of the website and split up parts in templates and integrate those into our custom-built MeteorJS application.

Good luck :slight_smile: