Spacing on my website

Can anyone help with the spacing on my site. I’m trying to get the content in these two columns (See attachment)

to be centered and have some space between the text on the left and the image on the right.

This is on the “Services” page of my site.

Thank you![59%20PM|690x263](upload://t3RJyNLOO8Of9iMCvn2qAGl1oPj.jpeg)

its still floated to the left

Also the text needs to be moved to the right a bit

Put your cols inside container. Also please add screenshot of the result you want. If you want full width container/layout - put columns inside div - give this div padding left/right of 20px and max width of 1800px for example. Thats it

If you want to create custom class for all container try this:

I made a pretty extensive video showing you how I would go about this plus another option. Hope this helps and sorry the video is a little longer, I can’t help but to be thorough lol. :grin:

Video Here

Good luck!
-Noah :webflow_heart:

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