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Are there slowness/bugs on Webflow's designer or is it my computer?

Hi everyone,

I’ve worked on Webflow for a few years now and work full time on Fiverr creating/updating Webflow sites for customers. Recently I have been experiencing unusual bugs in the Designer. For instance if I click on an element it moves place (this is the most common and annoying, sometimes it happens 8 times in a row with one element). So when I try to edit for instance a heading, it will just move below the paragraph or sometimes to the bottom of the div. It’s also nearly impossible to drag elements into the correct place on the screen, and normally I spend a lot of time repeating actions because they don’t work. This happens across projects and accounts.

Is anyone else experiencing the same? This is the case for me both on Safari and Chrome. Could it be that I need a new computer? If these issues continue, I probably won’t be able to work on Webflow anymore.

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Yes noticed alot more bugs over the past few years.

Designer is sometimes really slow. Keeps freezing and then i have to refresh.
Also dragging in images works only 1/10 times so i have to manualy upload them 1 by 1.
Sometimes publishing takes over 5-10 minutes after that the browser/webflow freezes and i have to refresh.
Also the redo/undo function sometime is broken and doenst remove the things you done when you use undo.
And the hierachy panel keeps switching to the right side of my screen while it should be on the left.

And we had multiple issues with the backup system of webflow when we set back and backup it sometimes removes all the conditional visibility rules of a website had this happen on multiple webflow accounts old and completly new projects it cost us weeks of work we had to redo, so really scared of using webflows backup feature.

And we are getting used to refresh webflow around 1-3 times every 30 minutes because of bugs.

Tried it on different locations browsers desktops without any plugins or anything.

What makes it hard to sell webflow at the moment and we are not sure anymore how futureproof webflow will be. But we hope for the best.

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