Are CMS-driven pages server side rendered on each request?


this might be a slightly more technical question, but maybe some of the Webflow staff could answer. :slight_smile:

Are template pages generated through a collection rendered server side on each request, or are they built & published as static pages similar to what a static site generator does?

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HI @robingranqvist I do not know exact answer as I’m not Webflow staff but from what I see Webflow is most probably use SSG. This mean WF generate pages on build time and serve these ready to ship pages on request as for example do Netlify. I have doubt that WF use SSR.

As your post is Webflow system specific you can post your request to Webflow support directly

@robingranqvist - Webflow renders pages only on publish. Collection lists with a random setting are refreshed every 12 hours.

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Hey @robingranqvist good question. Here’s a summary of the answer I got from engineering.

All sites are cached on their first viewing (both static and CMS. Static is rendered directly to html on publish, so they will be faster for an uncached view, but the same on a cache hit), and barring some exceptions (ie: password protection), that page should be cached for either 24 hours, or until the next time the site is published, or dynamic content on that page is updated.

There’s also this post or video by Bryan, Webflow’s CTO, about our hosting stack.

Also chiming in to confirm. Basically Webflow is just a visual editor for creating static sites. You can think of it like a no-code static site generator.

This is why its much faster and can easily handle more traffic than a platform like Wordpress (which is server-side rendered PHP).