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How are CMS pages hosted?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been considering Webflow for some time but at the moment we host the majority of our client sites on AWS S3 - part of our deployment process is making a static version of any dynamic sites where this is reasonable to do so.

So I’ve been trying to do some research on how the Webflow CMS pages are hosted, because I’d still like to benefit from the speed that comes with static files and hosting on services such as S3. The thing that triggered this question for me is around some reports in this forum that use of CMS slows the site-loading times. Most of the search results I see re CMS are clouded by the lack of export functionality…

It’s a shame the exporting process isn’t better for CMS content, but I’m not averse out having sites hosted with Webflow - if they’re super fast. I already understand that static pages are hosted on S3 and served via CDN, but does this same setup extend to CMS pages, maybe using flat files for objects/static exports of pages?

Why is there an expectation that CMS pages will take longer to load, and are there sustainable workarounds that people use to avoid any delays?


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Not true.

Everything’s hosted on S3 via fastly. All CMS content is published as flat using Varnish.

CMS can’t solely be exported as flat as there’s stuff like pagination, random sorting and ecommerce who need to be hooked to the DB regularly if not constantly.

Also “it’s a shame” it pretty unfair when you consider the age of Webflow and the pace of important updates to the service. I don’t know of any app that is going that fast in bringing major updates.

There’s not, test it for yourself.