Are all Webflow apps that are built available to the public?

My company is developing an internal product that pulls data from Webflow CMS for use in a React application that is then embedded back into the webflow site, but we don’t want for it to be publicly available. Being that we have to register the application with Webflow, will it be listed publicly anywhere?

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Think of it this way.

An integration is a system you’ve built that interacts with the Webflow APi to change data on your website. It can interact only with sites that you’ve generated an API key for, and given to your integration.

An app is an integration, which you want to make available to the public. To do that, you register it with Webflow, give it a profile, name, description, etc. And you setup an oauth layer that allows people to authorize it for their website(s). When this happens Webflow takes care of generating the API keys, and passing them to your app.

If you’re building something internal-only, you don’t need any of the app features. You just integrate with your API directly on the sites you control.

Interesting! That said, have you explored DevLink? It might be easier if you’re not too far along: DevLink – Visually design and build web components for React | Webflow

If you simply have a Webflow project with React (or anything) embedded in it, you don’t have to “register” it. Just use the built in site-wide password functionality that comes with Webflow.