Can I add my custom code with Webflow API?

I am developing an Webflow app that can add a support button to a Webflow project by inserting JS code into the webpage to download the button. I am aware that you can add custom code from the project’s settings page, but is it possible for me to bypass this step and manually add my custom code to the project, thus relieving the user of the need to paste it themselves? I would be grateful in advance…

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No. Webflow’s app program is about 3 things;

  1. Promoting services or “apps” that have integrated with Webflow
  2. Making it easy for designers to find & add them to workspaces or sites
  3. Automating the API key provisioning, and delivery to the app developer

At the end of the day, the app dev just has an API key, and can only do things the API allows.
That means CMS content updates, and some integration with Memberships, Commerce, and the ability to register webhooks.

That’s it. You cannot modify the site.

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Welcome @Oleksandr_Litvinov :wave:

Looks like exactly that is on the Webflow roadmap:

“We’ll soon be rolling out additional APIs for Users, Forms, CMS, and Custom Code…”

Meaning you’d (hopefully) be able to do what you’re asking on behalf of the user through the API.

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