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API Error - Zapier

Hello guys

I created a zap that pulls information from a form submission to create a CMS item but I’m getting an error: returned (400) Bad Request and said “ValidationError: Invalid image id.”

Any ideas why I’m getting this and how to fix it?


Hi @aaronocampo, thanks for the question. It sounds like the url to the image is malformed, or not provided in the form submission. Can you help to share the published page to the form and to the site having the collection?

Are you trying to create a CMS item that contains an image? The read-only link to the site will also help:

Hello @cyberdave

Yes I’m trying to create a CMS item from a blog submission that contains an image uploaded using Uploadcare

The read only link is this:

Published site: pwd: 5az=DagA?uCr
TAB: Our members

Hi @aaronocampo same happend to me. It was spaces in the file name causing the problem

There is a logg in Zapier where you can track your error


Hi @JanneWassberg

I went to Zapier logs and the only thing that I see there is the error, plus the link doesn’t have any spaces.

The link is generated automatically for Uploadcare and if I try the link separately it works :disappointed:

Ok, did see your error

Invalid image id. Have you tried with another filename? Might bee some invalid chars

@aaronocampo one other thing, is this a image field in the CMS? I was storing the physical path in my CMS, pointing to the image in a text field. I think you have to do that with uplosdcare to, i was using Dropbox

Hello @JanneWassberg

Thanks for your comments I did try with another file name and got the same result. Regarding the text field for the image I’m not sure, when you’re uploading a csv to a collection you can add an image to a CMS item through a link so I don’t know.

@aaronocampo sorry it did not work and yes you are correct, it works with csv. Can this be a BUG??

That is what I’m afraid :disappointed: maybe @cyberdave can give us his comments as well.

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Hi again @aaronocampo and @cyberdave i did change my Dropbox Zap to use the image the same way as in this case. I’m getting the same error must be a BUG. Did test different solutions nothing works

@aaronocampo and @cyberdave did read in the API doc that upload of images is not implemented yet :sleepy::sleepy: When will it work??

You can use image url as a text field in the cms if it is hosted somewhere. Then use html embed for the image display if I understand youor problem correctly.

@orgreeno yep it will work, but not in the way i want to use it. Need to store the image

Yeah you can do that definitely but it’s not the best practice in my opinion, it gets messy and you lose “control” over WF interface and how you display elements.

The strangest thing is when you import a csv file on a collection you can add the images from urls.

Well, I think Webflow should offer an image element with the src accessible. I agree the html embed is hacky. That said, I generally try to use image urls whenever possible instead of image files. If they are hosted somewhere reliable (cdn) then it’s best to have the single source.

Hi @cyberdave, do you have an update on this regard?