API CMS uploads - "Unknown File Name"

I uploaded several hundred files into a CMS collection called Photos. One of the fields is an image field. Images show up when looking at collection items, when designing the page, etc. But on the published site (external and webflow-hosted), they do not show up. The image files are just blank. On the collection page, the image says “Unknown File Name” (see screenshots – I have cropped the screenshots to obfuscate the site I am working on, sorry I’m required to).

CMS Collection:


Live Site:

Seems like a strange one…

Are you just uploading natively into webflow or are you using a URL path with a CSV upload? Can you add these into the Asset manager and have them work?

URL path, I wrote a script that creates the collection items through the API. They appear in asset manager, and work fine when added from there, but they don’t work as part of a collection.

On closer inspection it seems like the image files are not permissioned correctly. The published page shows a 403 for each photo in the collection, and going directly to the image link returns:


<Message>Access Denied</Message>







One more update, I just realized that in the Photo collection editor, clicking on the arrow on the top right opens the original, upload URL of the image (an unrelated domain I own).

By contrast, the published collection images start with https://uploads-sl.webflow.com (which 403s, see prev post).

Is this really the intended behavior? I thought the Image.URL field was used to fetch and store the image locally. And the published collection seems to agree with that.

Hi @planetzz,

:wave: I’m Mark one of the QA Analysts at Webflow.
This does seem strange, and I’d like to get this sorted for you.

This may be nothing, but did you copy and paste this link or type it incorrectly as it should be ssl not sl in the address.

If you could DM me your read only link or Webflow registered email address and site name, then I can dig into this for you.

I’ll be standing by for your reply.

Thanks for the DM, looking into it now.

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