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Anyone use for their CMS?

Hey guys I know webflow is suppose to come out with and update that will blow us away when it comes to some type of CMS for webflow hosted sites. But has anybody used It seems like it would work will for our Church site. We have the need for a lot of dynamic stuff like events and media content. And the idea of using their API to pull that content into a webflow site sounds really good. If you have tried it I would love to know your thoughts.

I have checked contentful, but I don’t know how to implement things in Webflow.

Yeah I signed up for a free account but I got crazy busy this past we to try it.
I’m not a coder so I don’t really understand the documentation. But we currently pull content from a n API that a friend setup using the custom attributes feature in WF.

@ryanmadhorse Did you ever try Contentful? I tried a couple of times to understand how it work but can’t figure it out.

I couldn’t figure out either. I reach out to them to see if they could help me or explain the easiest way to display the content. They took forever to get back with me and in the end they told me that they don’t do that and I would need to get a developer to do the integration. After that response and looking at their pricing structure it was pretty clear that they are really only marketing to bigger business.

Still waiting around to see what webflow is going to release in the way of CMS features,
It’s still surprising that webflow still hasn’t released a basic blog module/page option. At this point I think people hosting with webflow would be willing to pay a fee to enable this feature if they needed it.